The world's selective search firm
providing quality introductions!
90% success rate...

The world’s selective search firm
providing quality introductions!
90% success rate…


After gaining sufficient experience in networking, introduction, and matchmaking, Match Exclusive is proud to offer a 90 % successful match rate. The road to success was full of interesting encounters, training, learning, and selection. The right approach to men and women allowed Match Exclusive to become one of the major players in the matchmaking industry.
As a respectable dating service, Match Exclusive is always learning new approaches and technique to help people start a serious relationship as soon as possible. The founder of Match Exclusive, Tatiana, realized how tough making the right acquaintance with men and women might be in the contemporary world. Both sexes are very busy with their careers, travel, and domestic matters to go out on an extensive search of a partner. The problems with selection results in a high divorce rate.
Match Exclusive made it their goal to create a technique that can provide the highest match success rate while not requesting too much time from the client. Many Match Exclusive clients don’t need a dating service to find them a date. They don’t have trouble searching for a partner. However, they are not using a thought-out approach and end up breaking up and looking for a new person shortly. The firm gives every man and woman a chance to find “the right” date, which can turn into a fruitful relationship.
Match Exclusive doesn’t focus on allowing the clients to have a good time. The main goal is to create a perfect match that can turn into something serious in the future. For many years, matchmaking services entailed bringing people together, however, not enough attention was paid to the quality of the union.
With a huge database at hand, including such large cities as Miami and NYC, Match Exclusive has very good odds of making a perfect match. Thousands of men and women take advantage of matchmaking agencies but many of them end up feeling unsatisfied. The reason lies in the matching technique. Deep analysis of the profiles and a professional approach to the client allows Match Exclusive to create ideal matches in the shortest amount of time.
The delicate manner of the staff allows men and women to relax and enjoy the process while dreaming about finally finding “the one”. By helping the clients feel excited about the matchmaking, the professional Match Exclusive employees manage to find the right information and single out personality traits that can help them search for a partner.
Camilla founded match Exclusive in 2010. Before establishing a new high-end matchmaking agency in the USA, Camilla worked in Europe. She has extensive experience in the matchmaking industry. Camilla collaborates with many different people. She is social, filled with energy, and doesn’t stop until the goal is reached.
Camilla has many talents that help her agency keep the match rate as high as possible. She knows what men and women want in a relationship and uses this information to bring them together. Her goal is to connect men and women and allow them to find love. Extensive personal experience allows her to ask each client the right questions in order to make the perfect match as fast as possible
Camilla knows how to surprise men and make women happy. She has experience in life coaching and can figure out what both sexes need in a relationship after a short interview. Camilla works hard to uphold the reputation of her company and strives to increase the perfect match rate to 100 %. Her mission is to help two people make a valuable love connection that can last a lifetime.
Match Exclusive offers men and women in the United States a chance to find “the one” without making dozens of mistakes. By delegating the task to a professional, our clients can rest easy, knowing that the match has 9 out of 10 chances of becoming a serious relationship. All our staff is trained to process the available information that helps make a perfect match. While contemporary men and women can’t find spare time to make a high-quality search, the matchmaking agency can do it for them. In fact, Match Exclusive prides itself on doing a better job finding a perfect match than most men and women out there.
When it comes to strong feelings, it’s hard to be rational. That’s why most dates are so easy to set up and so hard to turn into something worthy. A matchmaking service eliminated the emotional factor from the process, in turn allowing the clients to pay attention to the traits, which are important in a serious relationship. Making an acquaintance with a woman or a man may be easy. Meanwhile, understanding whether it’s “the one” takes time. In most cases, the couples end up breaking up just because the match is far from being perfect.
The trial and error method may be fun at first, but eventually, people get tired of the constant searching. That’s where Match Exclusive comes in. The firm has years of experience looking for the best match among thousands of profiles. Each client can enjoy a delicate personal approach. The one-on-one interview allows the staff to learn the sufficient information while making the clients feel confident in the right outcome.
Years of experience in the matchmaking business allow Match Exclusive to make 9 out of 10 perfect matches. Such high rate attracts a big number of clients, making the database even larger. Pure math, coupled with psychological training, experience, and other useful skills allow Match Exclusive to provide a high-end matchmaking service. The professional employees know how to deal with the client’s wishes and are always ready to adapt to the new requirements.
After collecting sufficient data from the client, Match Exclusive proceeds to review and make it suitable for the unique matching technique the company uses. In just a few hours, a perfect match can be made. Years of searching can be replaced by just a couple of hours of professional matchmaking. Match Exclusive is proud to help people find their love.