The world's selective search firm
providing quality introductions!
90% success rate...

The world’s selective search firm
providing quality introductions!
90% success rate…


A knight in shining armor, a loving prince, a bold pilot, a respectable military man or someone, who can make you laugh? Each woman has an idea of what her ideal partner should be like. Unfortunately, years of searching often don’t always lead to impressive results. After all, how likely is it to find a knight in NYC? You’ll be surprised to find out that at Match Exclusive, we manage to do just the thing. Making a perfect match is out top priority and we achieve it 90 % of the time.
Women often refuse to make an acquaintance with a man for a fear of making a mistake. We strive to eliminate this mistake factor by matching men and women even before they meet each other. Our matchmaking agency has years of experience in the United States and Europe. We know all about the needs of our clients and make it our goal to satisfy their requirements.
At Match Exclusive, we exercise a special approach to each woman since we understand how delicate the matchmaking subject is. Our specialists are always available to let you know the details of the process. If you suddenly realize that your preferences have changed, we can alter the search to suit your new wishes. We pride ourselves on allowing all women to make the first step to having a serious relationship with a man of her dreams.
Not all matchmaking sites are created equal. We’ve had our share of experience with other agencies and used the knowledge to create the most useful services for our clients. The combination of the experience, a special approach, and the wish to help people allowed us to reach impressive results. We are proud of our 90 % ideal match rate and we are working hard on making it even higher.
We respect the privacy of our clients and act delicately about processing the information. If you don’t want some details to be shared, we respect your wishes. We are used to working with all types of information to help people find their match.
Women we work with often don’t realize how ready they are for a relationship. Our clients say thank you for allowing them to change their lives for the better. Finding a significant other is one of the most important things in every woman’s life. We make it our goal to help her find him faster.
When you are on your way to falling in love, nothing can stop you. But a good guide won’t hurt. We are offering our exclusive dating services to anyone, who wants to find happiness. Give us a call today and take a step toward a new life tomorrow!
Women all over the world are trying to find love and some of them manage to achieve it on their own. However, a fairly large percentage of women are not very good at meeting the perfect match without any help. In the old days, the role of matchmakers was executed by relatives or specially hired people, who often had little experience in the matter. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century where matchmaking websites are making a woman’s job much easier.
A contemporary woman, who doesn’t have problems with finding a serious relationship, is a rarity. The overall approach to love has changed and the “fish in the sea” is not always happy with the hook. At Match Exclusive, we have a special approach to fishing that can help any woman reap the benefits of a healthy and happy relationship with the right man. We keep the useless acquaintances with men to a minimum thanks to a special matchmaking technique, we’ve been honing for years.
Centuries ago, everything the majority of women thought about was love. Today, their heads are busy with millions of things, most of which try to upstage what is truly important. The lack of time makes them less likely to meet the man of their dreams. This is where our matchmaking agency comes in. We understand that leafing through thousands of pictures and profiles at the matchmaking sites may be tiring. That’s why we do the majority of the job for you. We are 90 % sure that we can set up a perfect date for you within days.
Once we find a most promising partner, we allow your heart to make the right choice. We can offer either one ideally matching person or several profiles for you to choose from. In any case, your job is kept to a minimum. We are used to working in such large cities as NYC and Miami, where the number of lonely men and women is overwhelming. That’s why sifting through thousands of questionnaires is our forte.
At Match Exclusive, we have the best staff, who knows how to work with people tired of looking for love. We make it our goal to help you feel comfortable during the matchmaking process. In the end, you can enjoy a long-lasting relationship with the man of your dreams.
Taking advantage of a dating service is the first step toward making your life fuller and brighter. Whether you are frustrated with your own search, tired of constant mistakes and failures or ready to start a new life, Match Exclusive is ready to give you a hand. We are waiting for your call today!